“17 year olds can start at the age of

16 and 9 months”

Declarations have to be signed by law

have to be completed with the driving school

before the start up.

So please contact us in good time.

Always open for enrolment

exchange licence can start anytime..

First half year


School we be closed 8 to 25 February Winter holiday break.

e.mail contact only between 8-22.february tel. contact from 22/2.

27 February start.

All theory class a fixed time Tuesday and Thursdays 17:00-!9:00,

The 13, 15, and 20 March we have 3 triple sessions 16:30-19:00.

all the rest 17:00-19:00 The last week we have the last class on Friday 6 April.

27 February - 6 April. Down Payment 4710 Kr.

10 April - 17 May. Down payment 4710 Kr.

5 June - 13 July. Down payment 4710 Kr.


Second half year

7 August - 14 September. Down payment 4710 Kr.

18 September -  Week 42 no theory - 2 November. Down payment 4710 Kr.

6 November - 14 December. Down payment 4710 Kr.

Welcome to everyone, remember as a beginner one can reserve a space by paying a down payment of 4710 Kr. then the balance

6080 Kr. when starting.

Normally the down payment should be paid latest 14 days prior to starting on a course. After the payment deadline its full payment 10.790 Kr.

Exchange licence candidates can start any time, 3220 Kr.

All bank transfers to business account

danske bank 3109 3109307920

All subject to changes